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Just finished picking the turkey and packing Mark's lunch and dinner for tomorrow (12 hour day). Did find some room for a few bones so have those packed up too.

I really don't feel good, haven't for a couple of hours or so. Not sure if it is from meds, ate too late, ate too much or what. Feeling warm but not in the hot flashy way and I don't feel as if I have a fever. Since the kitchen is semi picked up, I am going to pack it in, take the night meds and go to sleep.

HBO is re-airing Rome this week so have the DVR set up to record all the episodes. Each day or so I have to move them off the DVR to a tape and I will then burn clean DVDs. My cousin's boyfriend (she has been seeing him for 20 years so boyfriend seems rather a strange name to call David) wanted to see it so I will send him a copy. I will have to check to make sure he has a DVD player or if he would prefer tapes.
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the gifts I had bought myself. I also got a new watch, Seahawks jersey (so did Mark), Live 8 DVD box set. Mark also got Ren and Stimpy, Season 1 - 3, That 70s Show, season 3, the new Grafton book, box set of Jethro Tull and a Bill Cosby DVD.
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I was scheduled to "greet" at 4 pm Mass yesterday. I got there early and there were already 3 other greeters plus a cluster with the fact that the "youth" ushers/greeters were convinced they were supposed to be there (if the youth choir is playing, they are usually the ones there). After finally getting it straightened out, I ended up in the gym for the children's Mass being a Eucerestic Minister. It went very smoothly, much better than last year. We had two teenagers serving so an adult has to consume their left over wine. I don't think one girl had anyone drink from her side of the servers, there was quite a bit left and I drank for her.

After Mass I went and got Mark and we went for Chinese. We have done that the past two years and I have decided it is a tradition (3 years and it is set in stone). Mark would like it to be less of a tradition since he is not overly fond of Chinese food.

I woke up early this am, loaded the dishwasher and began to stage things for the dinner. I went back to bed and was rudely awakened by my BIL calling at 8:30. By the time I found the phone it had gone to voice mail. We ended up opening presents and then calling him back.

Mark made out rather well. He is not the demostrative so to get a "cool" meant I had hit a home run. He enjoys his atomic watch and the first of 4 pairs of leather gloves. Both of our desktops got new LCD screens (they are wonderful). My computer also got a DVD burner and a wireless keyboard and mouse. I also got the digital camera and accessories plus some Vanilla Bean Noel. My Secret Santa got me chocolates, a cute snowman ornament and VBN. As previously mentioned, Annie had sent me some VBN and Heather sent me a Bushisms calandar.

The news from the BIL is that my niece is pregnant. She is due in July so she is barely pregnant. I am making the assumption that she is no longer a lesbian but I didn't ask many questions (and didn't talk with my SIL who is much more forthcoming).

Did not hear from my sister regarding the gifts I sent her. She might call tomorrow from the hospital when it does't cost her anything. I know in my heart of hearts that she is going to disappoint me. I have taken all the steps I can to reconcile with her, the ball is in her court.

Dinner was very late. I still need to go out and pick the turkey and put everything away. Too tired but the fear of food poisoning will get me out there at some point tonight. Doesn't help that the turkey is making me want to go to sleep. I don't know if I can fit anymore turkey bones in the freezer for soup making purposes. Might just have to let these bones go out with the trash.
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May the next year be full of grace and good things for each of you.

A present

Dec. 24th, 2005 11:15 pm
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My mailman brought me a gift from Miss Heather. It was a daily calander of "Bushisms". I love it and what is even more scary is that there are over 300 of them! There is something in the mail to you too. I'd had it for a while and needed to make sure I had brought the correct item and you should get it mid-Chanukkah. Probably about the time you and Shane cross paths again.

Thank you so much for thinking of me.


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