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I have gotten dinged for not doing enough security. 3 dings and I am out a job. Therefore, I get quite picky if the name you give me is not the name that is your name with my company.

An example. No sir, that is not the name that appears when you sign into your account. Your wife understood it, she figured out what you needed to do (I told you too but you were too hard headed to listen to me). No, I could not give you hints to the correct name. Yes, I would get fired, want me to read the verifying security verbage? Sir, do you not understand this is for our own piece of mind. Anyone could have gotten ahold of a packing slip that gave your name and address but they would not have known your screen name. Finding an email address is simple. It is called Security for a reason.

Sir, you are calling me 14 days after you got the email saying your order was canceled. The vendor didn't think it was a valid address. Take it up wih them.

Yes, I am in the United States. I am in Washington. I'm sorry you spoke with Canada, Manila twice. We have call centers all over, I can not guarantee that you will get "an American". I can tell from your last name that at some point in your ancestry, we were discriminated against and did have mass genocide. Lets not get so high and mighty here. I will refund your money on the order you didn't get. If you still was to close your account with us, I need to send you an email explaining the ramifications of such a decision, including losing the two orders that are still out there. Thank you for your apology. It is not often a customer apologizes for their rude behavior.

Really, you don't need to be calling us every hour to make sure we got your order. We did, it is processing fine.

I know you are lonely and might very well be on some serious meds (and need to be). But I can't spend an hour discussing if I would rather live in an apartment or a house, what kind of car I would buy, if the pots and pans you are looking at are good. Others say you have several personalities. I only saw 2, the whiny one which might have been the teenager one and the one who wanted to go back to school and such psychology.

Lady, if I bend over backwards, refund you $30.00 against your account, give you $20.00 in promos, you do not have the right to give me a no when asked if I was helpful. I could have told you too bad, so sad but I bent over backwards. No good deed goes unpunished.

Cross posted to customers suck.

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I need to get ready for work soon (if not within seconds) but I haven't had a chance to really update (and today won't be it).

We are heading into the home stretch of Christmas. This next week will be hell. It already is hell, yes, we did tell you that this item would not be there in time for Christmas, see that ships in 4 to 6 weeks, they seem to mean that.

I screwed up and I am going to have to go back through my notes and see if I can find enough information to create follow-ups, I keep forgetting to do something and they don't get saved.

They are really cracking down on paraphrasing. Not sure who sounds dumber, me or the client that I could not understand "cancel my order".

Off to the shower. At least today is only 10 hours. Mon and Wed, 12 hours plus work on Friday again. Mon and Wed are split shifts, work 2 hours and then go away for two hours and then do 10 hours.

At least today and tomorrow are pj weekend! Yeah for not having to put jeans on.
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Not very much, it is about done and probably will all be melted by tonight (just in time for me to slip slid my way back home from work).

Work sucked last night. I was on the phone with one guy for an hour and a half. 65 minutes of that was me telling him the same thing, no I could not do that, I had to send up to a specialist, no I can't reinstate your gift certifcates, no I can't see that your balance was x on y day - the system defaults to the current amount in your account. No, we did not suddenly take 159.00 worth of expired gift certificates.

Little boy? You really needed to be in bed not calling the big A to ask how much hard drive space there was in the core XBox 360. After running around the office because there are only about 8 of us here to try and find someone who knows, after I began searching other websites to see if I could anything mentioning hard drive space, don't hang up on me.

My calls per hour rate has crashed to the bottom, I think I only go through 18 calls last night and it was not a slow night.

I hate the holiday season.


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