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The term "Freeze Out" did not fail me.  We got there about 2:30 - 3:00 and it was just starting to get chilly.  The sun is behind the trees by then.  The tent got set up with no problems and the bed was made with enough flannel sheets, sleeping bags and blankies to warm me up.  By the time dinner was done (it was a polluck), I was in a long sleeved shirt and a Longaberger warm sweatshirt.  I then added my Flyer' fleece and some hand warmers.  It was cold.  The tent wasn't too bad since we had both heaters going at full blast.  Of course, I can't make it through the night without at least one trip to the bathroom.  That is the part I hate, having to take showers that are not in my house or walking to the bathroom.  Cuts down on my wearing questional undergartments and wandering around before and after the shower.  

Saturday am I made Mark go for a ride with the boys since everyother husband was going.  I got my shower and the girl decided we were going to lgo shopping for old stuff.  Thye first place we went was so high priced that I was expecting them to tell me my credit limit is not enough to be in the store.  I don't think I saw anything for less that 100.00.  Much of the stock was priced in the thousands of dollars range.  Checked out 3 other stores and I managed to not spend a dime.  Almost but didn't.

I need to get ready for an appointment.  I am go groggy today.  Must be one of my pills .  Need to get the Prosac filled and pick up the blood pressure medication.

i have a viewing and rosary tomorrow night for the wife for someone I serve as a Echaristic Minster with.  His wife died suddenly (and no one is saying how/why she died - I have my  ideas but would not voice them to Ron.
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is turning out to be exactly as promised.  The flannel sheets are coming, the extra blankets are coming, the heater is coming, the quilting projects are coming to keep me warm when we are outside, the books are coming and anything else I think I need can be thrown into the mix.  I hate being cold.  Oh, and some hotties are coming, hand warmers which I will be using to cut the frozen feelings of my feet (even though they don't feel cold, they are cold from the inside out).  Downy slippers come too.

The cheese is sliced for the cheese and cracker munchies (served in Longaberger of course),  the brownies are purchased and in the car (along with the crackers and white cheddar cheese soy munchies I found at Costco).  Tonight's pot luck is taken care of.  The club is buying the fried chicken.  Those coming in motorhomes do have the advantage for bringing better goodies.  It is so unlike me to "buy" my contribution but I was not up to worrying about how to get something there and keep it cold or warm until tonight. 

Nothing has gotten mailed that I promished would get mailed.  Closer though, I have found a box.

Off to gather up things to make sure I have overpacked to the max.  

See you Sunday!
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Tomorrow is camping.  Helps that I showed Mr. I Have No Sense of Where I am or Where I am Going exactly where we are going.  Yes, it is in the panhandle of Idaho, right next to Post Falls, Idaho which is over the line from Spokane. 

I had first mentioned that I wouldn't mind leaving tonight.  His first response was ok, but we will have to stop somewhere and sleep.  For a four hour ride?  How ever will I get him cross-country is that is his philosophy.  That and he really had no clue where Coeur d'Alene was.  I have vetoed leaving this afternoon - it is getting dark to early now and I have no desire to be putting up a tent in the dark.  Just doesn't seem like fun to me.

Lots of flannel sheets, sleeping bags, blankies and heaters are making this trip.  It is supposed to go down to the 30s one night - it is inot called the Freeze Out for nothing.  My poor feet, they feel like ice from the inside due to the nerve damage from my diabetes.

Have tons of laundry to finish, mailings to be taken care of , recorded programs to watch so I make room for tonights overload (and Friday and Saturday nights if anything appears to be good enough to record).
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Mark did not get caught in the lay-off.  They didn't do two excempt and two non-exempt, they went with 1 excempt and 3 non-excempt.  One non has volunteered to be laid off and the other two who got it were working before Mark but 1. did not have the skills that Mark has and they would not be useful once the sodium is all drained out and 2. one of them was unable to wear a respirator.  That becomes a big deal when they are looking for people to cut.

We won't survive the next one - rumor has it for spring so the faster we get out of here, the better.

I had Mark turn down OT so we could go on the last camping trip with the leather crowd.  I needed to get away, we'd been living with this hanging over our heads for over a month.  I will be in the comfort of my car for the ride up and back since the new cargo trailer is not ready to go on the road.  I appreciate that.


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