Oh my

Nov. 2nd, 2006 11:53 am
chelelev: (Mick)
I am now officially conflicted.  I have seen the relocation information for new union employees.  They move us.  They pay for one househunting trip for the two of us.

We do need approval for any household goods over 12,000 pounds.  We are over 12,000 pounds, I think the garage alone weighs that much.  Not to mention the Goldwing.

Have a year to move.  Can make Mark go on ahead and he can get a little place until spring/early summer.  When. the. snow. is. gone. and I have made a dent in the bills.  

Even with the new job, I still need to go take to someone about debt management/budget/reducing my interest.   Am waiting for Mark's pay to get cut so I will have a true picture of how little money we will have.

Stop. Now.

Nov. 2nd, 2006 09:22 am
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I begin a new job tomorrow.  I think I might like this job.  At least let me have a chance at it.

Vermont called for Mark.  Vermont seems to have a woman in HR whose village is looking for their idiot.  Vermont first called at the end of August.  Called again in September to make arrangements for Mark to fly there to take some test.  Mark spent over a week trying to get South Carolina test scores released to Vermont.  HR woman must have visited her village.  Finally, she calls and tells us that she does not have the score but not doing anymore interviews.  

Fast forward to early October.  HR woman calls again.  Is he still interested?  Yes.  Can he come this week?  No.  Offered a different week.  Told us she would get back to us in a couple of days, had to coordinate with the interviewer. 

New phone call, from the same gentleman who called us the first time.  Are we still interested?  Seems Mark's resume has been appearing and disappearing off and on his desk.

They want to start the next class in December.

I told Mark, unless they are packing us up and moving us, I am not driving cross country at the end of November.  Besides, we have no money to move or get a new place.  Mark can go, we can rent him either a room or a small apartment until spring or summer of next year.  I've lived alone before, I can do it again.  I can hope the winter is a mild as they say it will be.

God does seem to have a very strange sense of humor this fall.  Knock. it. off.


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