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Nov. 2nd, 2006 11:53 am
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I am now officially conflicted.  I have seen the relocation information for new union employees.  They move us.  They pay for one househunting trip for the two of us.

We do need approval for any household goods over 12,000 pounds.  We are over 12,000 pounds, I think the garage alone weighs that much.  Not to mention the Goldwing.

Have a year to move.  Can make Mark go on ahead and he can get a little place until spring/early summer.  When. the. snow. is. gone. and I have made a dent in the bills.  

Even with the new job, I still need to go take to someone about debt management/budget/reducing my interest.   Am waiting for Mark's pay to get cut so I will have a true picture of how little money we will have.

Stop. Now.

Nov. 2nd, 2006 09:22 am
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I begin a new job tomorrow.  I think I might like this job.  At least let me have a chance at it.

Vermont called for Mark.  Vermont seems to have a woman in HR whose village is looking for their idiot.  Vermont first called at the end of August.  Called again in September to make arrangements for Mark to fly there to take some test.  Mark spent over a week trying to get South Carolina test scores released to Vermont.  HR woman must have visited her village.  Finally, she calls and tells us that she does not have the score but not doing anymore interviews.  

Fast forward to early October.  HR woman calls again.  Is he still interested?  Yes.  Can he come this week?  No.  Offered a different week.  Told us she would get back to us in a couple of days, had to coordinate with the interviewer. 

New phone call, from the same gentleman who called us the first time.  Are we still interested?  Seems Mark's resume has been appearing and disappearing off and on his desk.

They want to start the next class in December.

I told Mark, unless they are packing us up and moving us, I am not driving cross country at the end of November.  Besides, we have no money to move or get a new place.  Mark can go, we can rent him either a room or a small apartment until spring or summer of next year.  I've lived alone before, I can do it again.  I can hope the winter is a mild as they say it will be.

God does seem to have a very strange sense of humor this fall.  Knock. it. off.
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Mark was scheduled to fly to Florence, SC for an interview tomorrow.  I spent considerable time last night convincing him to carry on a bag with extra interview clothes - some of the c lothes I had just bought him because nothing I bought 3 years ago fits him.

First of all, he overslept.  Not a big deal, there is no security line at the airport where he was flying out of.  2 hours before hand?  Forget it, they don't even open two hours before the first flights out and his flight left at 6 am.  He began to wonder why they did not give him all his boarding passes when he first checked in.

He flew into Denver.  According to Delta  at Denver, the final airport was closed due to the remote chance Ernesto was going to morph into this huge hurricane.  He called the company, they called the airport, nope, airport was open.  No problem.

Got to Atlanta.  Delta had cancelled his final hop, in annticipation of the huge storm.  Mind you, the final destination is over 80 miles inland and not one spin of any track that storm could take involved it turning left along South Carolina.  He finally got out of Atlanta way late by flying into a different city and renting the car from there instead of the one reserved.  I had to convince him to make the car reservation NOW and not wait until he landed so that there would be a car for him.  I doubted he was the only person trying to get from Atlanta to last location and all of those people might be looking for a car too.

Good thing he took extra clothes.  Guess whose luggage is MIA?  Guess who doesn't have any toiletries because W thinks toothpaste is a threat to his freedoms?  Oh way, I am morally and intellectually confused if I desent against the current administration.  Have they taken away my right to think and have an opinion?

I left off much wanking since he may or may not read this and quite honestly, even I don't kick him when he is this down.  Just not sporting.
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I had a long LJ entry going when the computer froze - bye bye entry.  I doubt I can recreate it since I was being  esp. witty and the sarcasm was biting.

Friday night at the fair brought me yet another country group, Sawyer Brown and a new kid in my area.  She really had started the day before but all I had her do was guard the sound board and make sure no one got up there.  I had the task of making sure the reserved seating people had the right ticket.  I didn't nned to look at each one, just see what color they were holding and move them through.  New kid?  Couldn't find her own way out of a paper bag.  She had lived in Washington all her life, 3 years in the Tri-Cities.  Did not know where the Gorge was (she lived in an adjoining town, there are signs that take you right in there), has never heard of Pullman (where all the Washington State games are played, this is WAZOO country), didn't know were Richland was (that would be the town across the river from her).  She fretted about working the Gorge since she had heard horror stories about people being raped, etc.  I guess I miss all the action.

Friday I had had her checking tickets, she backed the line up so bad since she wanted to see each and every ticket.  I got pulled from guard duty to clear out the line and sent her back to guard duty.

Saturday I forced Mark to work the fair too.  Hey, facing a lay off, he can start getting extra money too.  He roamed and I was back with Miss Clueless.  I got the pleasure of ruining 3 girls night and possibly being the first person who had ever told Miss Size 0s no in thier life.  They asked about reserved seating.  They were told IF (big word, very important) there were any tickets left, they were available at will call.  The show had started so I didn't think they would still sell them any tickets.  They all grabbed thier little purses and took off running to the will call booth.  They were told no tickets.  They then tried to talk thier way via the ticket takers who told them they had to get by me.  That wasn't going to work out for them very well.  They tried begging, they played the it is not fair that we missed most of the concert going to the front will call based on what Miss Clueless and I had told them, they tried pouting.  My job was to make someones night miserable and it might as well be those 3.  Just the fact they wore size 0 clothes was enough to get me not to like them.  Saturday's concert was country, Josh Gracin.  He is a security nightmare since he went into the crowd more than once.

After the show, since Mark was still working, I roamed around with Miss Clueless, showed her where her next location was going to be - she had only walked by this place at least two times a night, she had to relieve Miss Bad Attitude from the beer garden so she could go to work.  Not sure where she works but saw them (she had a friend that was with her working ) sash-say out dressed in early whore tacky at 10:40.

Tool was Sunday night at the Gorge.  The worst night ever I have had to work.  22,500 people not counting the ones who bought bogus tickets and couldn't get in.  Not only did we have to search the backpacks, blankets, jackets, etc. we had to make sure there that there were no caps on the water bottles, only water could go in,  we had to pat them down - cargo shorts need to be outlawed, those pockets are way too far down their legs.  My back was killing me.  They couldn't have the chains they wear as decoration or holding their wallets, the pruning shears were a bit much, along with the piece of pipe, yes, those little Swiss Army knives are a no-no too.  Think of us as the airlines.  Don't even try and tell me you have never been searched before going into the Gorge.  That is so bull shit.  Don't tell me that I have found all your mini-bottle stash when I am still pulling them out of your pockets, backpacks, etc.  It was the mother load, he was never have found his way back to the top of the hill.  It was so fast and furious that I resorted to slamming down the sealed water that people left rather than deal with a capless bottle. 

The funniest part of the night was when one of the evicted ones (who didn't have a ticket and tried to run the gate) staggered back up to the entrance gate and tried to convince one of us that he had been assaulted inside, he hadn't even gotten inside.  Really good drugs there.

This weekend is the last weekend at the Gorge - 3 days of Dave Matthews, they aren't sold out yet but probably will.  Much different crowd than Tool (I hope).

Mark has an interview in South Carolina Friday.  He flies out Thursday and gets to visit 3 airports on the way, Denver, Atlanta, and Florance SC.  He has a 3 hour lay-over in Denver and 2 hours in Atlanta before getting to Florance.  Coming back on Saturday, he gets to visit Florance, Charlotte and Denver.  He doesn't get in until 8:30 at night.  Between now and this afternoon I need to decide if I am going to work the concert or be available to pick him up.  Parking is not that expensive at Pasco, not a big deal for him to park there.  Visiting the Pasco airport is no big deal.  I've never gotten to spend much time in Denver's airport so probably would like it.  Atlanta has Chick-fil-a, I am jealous.

Time to see about getting a nap in.  Some how when Mark programed the DVR to record the Emmys, he did it twice (once in HD) which wiped out everything I had recorded.  I have no idea what is going on in Vanished, I haven't seen Weeds yet this season, lost the Psych shows I had missed, the season finale for House (actually there were about 4 House that I had not seen).  Should shot the boy.  It is my fault for not remembering to set it up myself.  Quite honestly, don't know why I bothered,   There were about 4 things I liked.  BTW, who dressed Candace Bergin?  Could she have looked any worse?


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