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Things are looking much better.  I am home.

I did have the surgery to get the ick out.  My dressing has to be changed everyday and the pocket (where the ick was) packed lightly.  It wasn't MRSA just a staph infection that still requires some heavy duty antibiotics.

They put the PICC line in Monday morning, there was no getting around that.  Mark got trained last night how to prep and deliver my drugs.  The meds have to be mixed up before I can have them.  Wound care came by to change the dressing and teach Mark (he was less than thrilled about this part) as it was not usually their policy to come everyday.  Just might have to this time.  He'll do it if push comes to shove.

Still off the foot. I can cheat and walk on the heel, the surgery was on the ball of my foot.  I have a handy dandy walker to get me around the house.

This puts such a crimp in my spring plans.  But it is nice to be able to stay up and watch something on tv past 9 pm.
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I am trying to get something straightened up before I go into the hospital tomorrow. Which means areas that had not been dysoned for sometime are getting hit. I have dumped enough cat hair to knit myself a new kitty. One hopefully does not shed as much as mine do. They don't like to be brushed and they are terrified of the dyson (or any appliance that makes noise) or I would just vacuum them and save the floor, couches, duvet covers.

Day is on our bed constantly. My duvet cover is burgundy (used to match a could of houses ago), I hate taking the covers on or off so I have tossed a white sheet over the bed in an attempted to cut down on the fur on the duvet so I don't have to wash it (or sticky roll it). Night will stay on the bed sometimes but she is more inclined to get kitty time from Mark down in his office (when he is working strange schedules, he sleeps there, it is quieter for him and I can pretty much work on the whole house when he is sleeping during the day.

It also helped my need to get somewhat organized is that I misplaced a check for two tables. Finally found it in my purse (been there all the time). Well at least I found it and didn't have to go back and ask for another one.

Just so someone realizes, organized to me is that I have made different piles. Each time I sort through the piles, more things get tossed. It is a slow process for a pack rat, very slow.

I have been hoarding books for while I am recovering (not to mention the hours I have dvred). I have such a pile and to be honest (this is going to shock some), I haven't read the latest Harry Potter. That is one of the books I am taking with me (along with some new paperbacks). The only thing I might have trouble with is Harry is rather heavy and he might be difficult for me to read when I am hurting. We shall see.


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