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I went to Yakima and because I made a wrong turn, I missed the idiots from Kansas but did here that they were vastly out numbered and those in opposition (Operation Thank You) chanted USA to drown out the hateful statements etc. so that the family did not have to hear it. It was probably a good thing I wasn't there, I would have been gunning for an fight - this was the first time these idiots have come to protest in Washington that no one got arrested, I would have probably been one of those arrested.

Since I missed the uglies, I went and joined those who were lining the route to the grave site. It began to pour, wind blowing but no one left. We were huddled under every tree (I as least has an umbrella). Finally the procession began and we all dropped umbrellas, came out from under the trees and paid our finally respects to this young man. Some from the group introduced themselves to me. I did let them know I didn't agree with this war but I found the actions of this group reprehensible and would not tolerate anyone disturbing a funeral of someone who had given the ultimate sacrifice. He and the hundred and hundreds others did not ask to be there, they were just doing their jobs. I don't think (other than the band of idiots) anyone does not support the troops (ok, maybe those who didn't think it was important to provide body armor or armored vehicles) but many do not support the war.

I decided (since I had not seen an active duty military funeral and hope I don't see another one) to walk up to the grave site. As I was walking up the hill, I could hear the bag pipes playing the Army's song. I got there in time to hear the gun salute and taps. Hearing taps brought back memories of my father's funeral and my eyes got a bit misty. I couldn't hear what the Army Chaplain was saying. They presented 3 flags, mom (or maybe wife, she looked young), grandfather and brother (who is active duty).

After that, I went to the fair. And so happy I did. I have wanted a pair of Z-Coil shoes for about 3 years now. Two distributors were there and I got fitted. I am calling Tuesday and ordering my sneakers and mary jane's (they aren't on the web site). I walked up and down the aisle at the fair falling completely in love. I can not wait for them to get here and then have an opportunity to stand for a long period of time, bouncing on my coil.


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