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I saw my foot doctor Friday, no more packing the incision, just some neosporian and a band-aid.  I graduated to wearing my trusty boot (from when the foot was broken) instead of heel walking and  damn walker.  I can drive wearing that thing - legally I probably can't but they have to catch me doing it.

We stopped by work so I could get my pay check.  Seems when you are out on "something" (they have not approved my non-FMLA leave request), they disable your badge.  Made me a bit nervous.  Then my desk had been packed up (insert panic here).  My desk was packed up because of a site-wide move.  I have a new manager now, the one who does not manage.

That all does not mean they won't deny my request and once I come back to work, let me know I won't need to come back to work.

Tonight was probably the last IV push I need.  Unless something happens and the "your foot will become more infected and fall off" doctor prescribes more.  Mark will be happy.  We will still need to push saline and heperin into the PICC line until we can get a doctor to order it taken out. 

I've just about gotten caught up on ER.  It is kinda strange to hear a drug named there that I have on my dining room table.  Good old Heperin.

Insert whine here:  I was one of 3 of us who were on the "fun committee",  We organized the pot-lucks, I took care of the good bye cards when one of us would be leaving.  I have been out of work for two weeks.  I think I was supposed to go out and buy my own get well card and sign it from everyone.  The team is dismantled now, while on paper it still exists, bodies are scattered to the wind.

Enough whining.
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After working all day answering phone calls from people ordering from an on-line retailer, the last thing I want to do is stare at the computer at home.

We are without leather crowd again.  Two different chapters within 4 years, we are done.  Mark had been feeling left out of the chapter in Moses Lake.  They were a tight crowd and we were included but not included.  They had a habit of everyone wearing the same shirt, usually one we did not have.  We weren't told of plans or thought of in the selection of the shirt of the day.  I felt it at Wing Ding.   We both felt it last weekend.

We had not been told ahead of time that  there was plans to take a ride and go to breakfast.  The shirt of the day?  Once again, something we did not have.  I mentioned what the shirt was and was told (by one person) that they were not going to dirty another shirt so that we could be in the same shirts as everyone else.  That was the straw the broke Mark.  I had already decided we were going to leave when I heard the "n" word flying around and no one spoke up.  I was guilty of the same thing.  We packed up that night while everyone was at dinner and left.

It was fun findng a place to stay  midway through the trip home.  Something was going on and rooms were sold out.  We found something in Moses Lake (Siloh Suites) which was next to this kick ass diner.  The food was so good and there was tons of it.  I would go back there any day.

So we are now leatherless.  We go for a ride this coming Saturday with friends of Mark.  I think we will end up in the Blue Mountains and down to Warden which has it own kick ass diner.

Work is still requiring overtime.  I work my extra day tomorrow so that they can't assign me some shitty shift.  Hire some more people.  The new ones really seem to have it together but they are only trained on one retailer and we really need them on the other retailer.  At least Harry Potter is over.

One retailer should be winding down soon - they seem to do more contacts in the summer while the original retailer gears up in October for the Christmas season.  I don't hink I remember the original retailer.

I have to stop now.  Day is crawling all over me wanting attention and she keeps sitting on my hands,   She wins.

And for some more scary news...
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I need to get ready for work soon (if not within seconds) but I haven't had a chance to really update (and today won't be it).

We are heading into the home stretch of Christmas. This next week will be hell. It already is hell, yes, we did tell you that this item would not be there in time for Christmas, see that ships in 4 to 6 weeks, they seem to mean that.

I screwed up and I am going to have to go back through my notes and see if I can find enough information to create follow-ups, I keep forgetting to do something and they don't get saved.

They are really cracking down on paraphrasing. Not sure who sounds dumber, me or the client that I could not understand "cancel my order".

Off to the shower. At least today is only 10 hours. Mon and Wed, 12 hours plus work on Friday again. Mon and Wed are split shifts, work 2 hours and then go away for two hours and then do 10 hours.

At least today and tomorrow are pj weekend! Yeah for not having to put jeans on.
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Mark did not get caught in the lay-off.  They didn't do two excempt and two non-exempt, they went with 1 excempt and 3 non-excempt.  One non has volunteered to be laid off and the other two who got it were working before Mark but 1. did not have the skills that Mark has and they would not be useful once the sodium is all drained out and 2. one of them was unable to wear a respirator.  That becomes a big deal when they are looking for people to cut.

We won't survive the next one - rumor has it for spring so the faster we get out of here, the better.

I had Mark turn down OT so we could go on the last camping trip with the leather crowd.  I needed to get away, we'd been living with this hanging over our heads for over a month.  I will be in the comfort of my car for the ride up and back since the new cargo trailer is not ready to go on the road.  I appreciate that.
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1.  Please note the signs that state NO DRINKS OF ANY KIND CAN LEAVE THIS ARE.  That means you and your drink.  This was a bad place to locate me since I could get my bitch on and have fun.

2.  Lady, when I have told you 4 times to get back inside the lounge's foot print, my next time having to tell you means  A. you will loose your little drink  B. your arm band will be ripped off your arm and C. a lovely big sharpie X will be marked on the backs of both your hands.

3.  The exit is just that, an exit.  Don't try to come in that way especially when we have closed the place down.

4.  What were you thinking?  A baby does not qualify as being over 21.  Parents?  Why would you take your baby into a bar much less to a loud concert?  Person who let the baby in?  Good thing today is the last day of any concerts at the Gorge or you would probably be out the door.

5.  If you think you are cute and try to sneak beers out in your cargo pants, I will see you, I will yank you back in and I will take your beers and give you the mark of no alcohol.  I enjoy yanking you around.

6.  Lady, we tossed you out, you have your marks of no alcohol.  First of all, you can't be back in to get a light.  You were evicted from the bar.  How in hell did you manage to get another wristband and have a beer?  Bye bye, no DMB for you tonight.

7.  No, I don't care if you brought the beer in.  Really, I don't.  It is a hard bar and by law, we can't let you leave with any drinks.  Yes, that includes your water bottle.  Dump it.  Don't throw it at me, don't try to get me splashed.  It is hot, I really didn't mind it (and I have been pouring water over me all night.

8.  Yes, I do need to check your bags as you are leaving.  I'm am not sorry you are missing the concert, you picked this place to come drink instead of going to one of the beer stands who would have let you take your beer back to your seats.  

9.  Once it is 8 pm (sun down), you don't get to take your beers out of any beer garden.  That pesky state law again.

10.  How people stil lhave 32 oz. beers in their hand at 11:30 is beyond me.  Someone did not do thier job somewhere.

11.  Other employer employees: Don't let someone walk out the entrance esp. if I have yelled stop him.  That should indicate to you that you should prevent him from leaving.

12.  Dude, you are sitting next to a fenced off area where about 8 people are wearing shirts that say Security.  Did you really think that was a good time to bring out your flask?  Duh, wait until dark or get better at it.  Go get a soda, go to the potty, add your booze into your soda, wha-la, a drink we probably won't bother you about.

To my Employers:

1.  Not nice to put the fat girl on the hill walk.  You are not my personal Jenny Craig trainer.  Don't make me balance on a 45 degree hill for two hours.  And, NO, I am not cleaning that danm berm.  Once again, fat lady on big hill

2.  If I am to guard the exit from the bar, give me a radio so that I can yell that I have runner and maybe I can get help.  You see, if I left my post everyone in there would run out with their drinks.  I will try a whistle but just not the same thing.

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I work the 3 days of Dave Matthews from 3:30 to whenever at the Gorge.  There is a music festival in Zillah the following weekend, the Pendleton Round-Up is from the 13th through the 16th.  I am supposed to be chaperoning the teenage dance at Sausage Fest that weekend too so will have to do some juggling.  There should be some things happening at the Trac at the same time as the Central Washington Fair, 10 miles away vs. 70 miles away.  At least I am down for longer shifts at Pendleton, the short shifts at the Benton County fair just didn't cut it.  I understand giving the longer shifts to those who travel the farest but damn, I could use the hours too.

Please dear God do not schedule me with Miss Clueless.  I don't think I can handle her again.  Then again, don't put me next to Big Mouth Larry at the Gorge.  I thought I was going to kill him during Tool.  He ran his mouth the whole time, telling people in line what to do, including telling them to open up their water bottles -which meant it was an open container and they now had to pour it out if I had not seen them open the bottle up.

Off to take a shower and order the expensive part for the bike, a direct result of Mark's little cargo trailer bender.


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