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Yesterday was the day from hell, and it lasted 23 hours. I got up at 5 in the morning to get ready to meet my co-workers to ride (at least I didn't have to drive) 2.5 hours to Pullman for the Football game. We left about 6:45 (I was there at 6:15 just for the record). There had been weather reports that it was supposed to be raining so I am hauling a huge duffle with just every weather possibility in it. The sky was looking good and I thought I might luck out. My Croc boots had not come so I was wearing the motorcycle ones.

I was on my same gate, which I like because we are next to a concession stand and we can hide our stuff on the side of the freezer. So far so good. I am comfortable in my supplied jacket, long underwear and a turtleneck.

Then came half-time. The rain began. At first it was only spitting then it was misting. By the 4th quarter, it was a steady rain. This is when I discovered by motorcycle boots leaked. Not a big leak but a leak never the less. And why do older men with either wife in tow or in this case, college son in tow think it is cute to hit on me? It is funny and I know they don't mean it.

Back to base to turn in wet (very wet jacket) and take off for a quick trip through MickeyDs for dinner (which I got to eat at 11:00 last night). They changed our call time to 7:00 so I didn't get a chance to finish. I had managed to get some of my fries down but lost valuable eating time when a fry went down the wrong way and I had a coughing fit.

We had to change quickly (which meant that I had to take off all of my layers, put on a white dress shirt, better pants, Crocs instead of boots and found out all the shit I took off was not going to fit into the bag.

NOTE: I have been on my feet since 10 am except for one break of 8 minutes while I inhaled a hot dog. It is now 7. I was assigned to be an usher and help people find their seats (like I knew, never been in the building before). And we stood around, and stood around and stood around. Finally they opened the doors and the trickle of very wet people began to come in. It wasn't as bad as I thought.

Bill Cosby was 25 minutes late, this meant I was going to be there longer. I am not happy with Mr. Cosby and might have told him so if I had gotten the chance. His show for the most part was geared towards college and childre issues. It was Dad's Day at WSU so lots of dads were there with their precious children. I had heard most of the set so I was listening with 1/2 an ear and trying not to focus on how much my feet hurt. He then did a routine that had me shaking with laughter about potty training his granddaughter. Of course we ended with the dentist routine. It was a two hour show.

We then thanked everyone for coming. Once the building was cleared, we had to go down to the floor and help stack the folding chairs. Then I hobbled back to base, threw on my still wet hoody and down vest and schlepped everything back through the rain to the car. I am soaked, exhausted and carrying about 25 pounds on my shoulder. Note to self: Find something that wheels if you are going to keep this up.

We got back at 2 am and it took me until 4 to relax and fall asleep. The cats woke me up at 8 and I did the Ambian stagger downstairs to Mark's office - he was sleeping on the futon. I crawled into bed there for about 1/2 hour and we just moved the show upstairs. He woke me back up at 10 since I couldn't sleep all day and stay up all night, have the work thing now.

Off to medicate and explore Amazon's web site so I can know what we are doing.
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I didn't sleep well last night, I don't know why, same amount of meds.  I need to take a nap before heading out to pay the rent, stop at Costco and go to new hire orientation.  I want (I need) Adobe Photoshop Version 5.  There are some books I want to pick up, I hope that have Obama's book, it looks interesting.  Grisham has a non-fiction book out.  I need the new Stephen King.

Tomorrow is going to be one long ass day.  I leave her around 6:30 to ride (at least I don't have to drive) to Pullman and work the football game. In the rain.  In the cold.  After the game, I change clothes (I hope we have time to go grab something to eat but I don't think so) and work the Bill Cosby show.  Then home.  It takes about 2 1/2 hours to get to Pullman.  

All this means, I have to pack a wide range of clothing so that I can layer and unlayer.  The pants I wear at the game won't work for the Cosby.  I won't need all those layers while inside.

I wish my Croc boots would get here today.

I will try and post something before I leave in the morning to keep my record going.

Stop. Now.

Nov. 2nd, 2006 09:22 am
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I begin a new job tomorrow.  I think I might like this job.  At least let me have a chance at it.

Vermont called for Mark.  Vermont seems to have a woman in HR whose village is looking for their idiot.  Vermont first called at the end of August.  Called again in September to make arrangements for Mark to fly there to take some test.  Mark spent over a week trying to get South Carolina test scores released to Vermont.  HR woman must have visited her village.  Finally, she calls and tells us that she does not have the score but not doing anymore interviews.  

Fast forward to early October.  HR woman calls again.  Is he still interested?  Yes.  Can he come this week?  No.  Offered a different week.  Told us she would get back to us in a couple of days, had to coordinate with the interviewer. 

New phone call, from the same gentleman who called us the first time.  Are we still interested?  Seems Mark's resume has been appearing and disappearing off and on his desk.

They want to start the next class in December.

I told Mark, unless they are packing us up and moving us, I am not driving cross country at the end of November.  Besides, we have no money to move or get a new place.  Mark can go, we can rent him either a room or a small apartment until spring or summer of next year.  I've lived alone before, I can do it again.  I can hope the winter is a mild as they say it will be.

God does seem to have a very strange sense of humor this fall.  Knock. it. off.


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