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Last years pictures can be found here:

Be warned, I am sure there are pictures that will offend someone, deal. 

It is still a raw album, I still need to go in and clean up the pictures and tag them.
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I just realized that I never posted about the last half of the Sturgis trip.

They say that 5 things will happen during Bike Week, it will be cold, it wil be hot, it will rain, it will be sunny and the wind will blow 100 mph at least for 1 minute.  We got all that.  Not quite sure of the wind speed, the announcement at the Chip said 80 mph coming, large hail, thunder and lightening.   This was all on the second day of official bike week.

What a storm.  We moved all the tables out from under the beer tent and put as many bikes as we could get in there.  We grabbed dinner and ate inside one of our friends converted horse trailer for the worst of it.  The catering staff did make a comment that if 80 mph winds came through, the tent would not hold.  It did  but I did hear that at one point there was a huge woooosh and it started to lift up the tent.  Folks just grabbed on and it seemed to have worked.  Bikes were all safe and undamaged.

The temp dropped and I was cold and cranky.  We decided that we did not have to watch Lynryd Skynrd, we could hear them fine within our heated tent.  I was glad that I had put everything up on the bed as the tent did get some water in the dressing area.

The next morning was beautiful and that was the only bad weather we had.

We were not that interested in the bands playing on Wednesday, so decided to take the shuttle into town.  We won't be using Da Bus next year, more expensive and they pick you up then drop you off where you have to wait for yet another shuttle.  It was hot and I was not that happy about hanging around waiting in the heat.  Finally, we got to town.  Other than all the bikes, the only thing to do was go to the bar or look at t-shirts.  We tried to find "I rode mine" in a color other than black.  No luck.  I couldn't talk Mark into getting a patch that said "I rode mine 2008 Sturgis," I was even willing to get "I rode bitch."  We really did not stay that long in town, got tape so we could ship our swag and the ton of shirts we had already bought.  I didn't even want to stop at the location I could stalk Steven Tyler.  I would have ended up getting his signature on my tramp spot and would have gotten it tatted there.

I still need to get my tat.  I think it will be the Strurgis logo and the year.  That way, I can just add a  year each time we go.

Thursday ended up being my major party night.  I still wasn't dressed by 11:30 and needed to do the walk of shame to the potty.  I decided if I was still going to be in my jammies, I would have a beer in my hand.  So it began and went downhill after that.  I drank, drank some more, wandered back to the tent, wandered over to the party tent.  Finally, I got a shower and got dressed.

That night, our hostesses had a party for us.  It was the 5th year of the VIP section.  Oh, more alcohol.  They had pineapple that had been soaking in rum all day, added to that a bottle of vodka, some hawaiian punch and god only knows what else went in there.  It was good.  Too good.

That night, the concert was Sugarland and ZZ Top, so we knew we needed to be in the pit early to stake out our places.   There was one dude, (who was camped by us, he had trailerd in and built a compound, tent, screen house which he never used, would sit inside his trailer) who had been somewhat of a problem in the pit.  His name was Steve but everyone called him Boston. 

The background: The first night of a show, he didn't get there in time to be front row so was trying to get people to move over for him.  Sucked to be him.  Our friend wouldn't move over and crowd Mark (I was in the potty - that was the day we had toured the Badlands and my back hurt).  Boston said something stupid to Bill which was filed away for future reference by the rest of us.  He learned to get there early, he would let one of the girls in our group into his corner, he had been hitting on her the first night.  Elizabeth was too nice and would keep on talking to him but she did bring her husband up to where she was standing.  At some point he started doing the Iraqi woman's distress call (or sorrow call) for the bands.   He thought he was so cool, we all thought he was the biggest asshole there.

Back to Thursday.  We are in our spots, everyone is happy.  I got a guitar pick from them (and scored one for one of the party tenters who couldn't find the one he was tossed).  Intermission before ZZ Top.  Part of our group was bumping and grinding to some songs. Boston sees that and pushes his way over.  He is heading for Elizabeth (she had different outfits for each show and they did not leave much to the imagination) but couldn't quite get to her.  Some happened between Royce and Boston (Royce had told Boston not to touch him a couple of nights ago), I think Boston tried to bump and grind his way past Royce and Royce pushed him away (maybe with a closed fist to the stomach but we aren’t really sure). Boston started mouthing off, yelling sucker punch and threatening Royce. Security told him he could stay in the show if he kept his mouth shut. Alas, he couldn’t and was escorted out.
Boston is a baby. Next thing we know if that Royce is going away with security, Boston had called the cops. That is a big rule at the rally, you don’t call the cops over something minor like that. H he got hit, take it like a man. Concert is over and quite a few are upset over Royce. Royce was in costume - leather vest, loin cloth (and nothing under there), knee high mocs and a hat where he kept his joint. A group took off for the security office to back up Royce’s version. One of the songs done by the comedy group was “Sleeping with your back to the wall”, about doing time. Royce would have to figure out how to sleep with both front and back to the wall.
After about an hour, along comes the group with Royce in tow. They all told security and the sheriff what had happened, that Boston had threatened Royce, more than once. Sheriff and security decide nothing to the issues and let Royce go. They escorted Boston to his tent.
We continue drinking. I am feeling no pain, just a happy camper. Someone mentioned that it would be a good idea that Boston go home the next day. I provided directions to his tent. Twice people went to let him know his new check out time, Boston stayed hidden in his tent.   Boston is a kitty cat. All of us at that end of the pit were ready to kick his butt home. Whiney baby, biker rally, you got hit. Big fucking deal.
I was asked by one of the party tenters  if he could see my boobs. He assured me he wouldn’t touch them. I was just drunk enough to be willing to do it and did. Boy was impressed. I noticed that one of the guys hadn’t gotten his camera ready in time, so I gave another performance for him.    More beer. Second request from party tenter for a look see. Up the shirt goes, now Royce is in the act. The loin tent moved. Got nice beads for that performance.
It is Sturgis, not a church picnic. I finally wander home at 3: 30 am and decide not to sleep (or rather, did not take sleeping pill). Did the cruise around in jammies again but stayed away from the beer. Bit hung-over.   Took my shower over by the party tent, they had a portable shower rigged up, heated water and everything. Glad I was over any inhabitations since the dressing area was not that private.
We decided on Thursday to go home a day early since we didn’t care if we saw Mitch Ryder. I was ready for an attached bathroom, air conditioning, and a shower that is all mind.   We packed up as much as we could Friday afternoon.
Friday night was Dierks Bentley. Good show, great pictures. This cute kid had caught the guitar pick and he gave it to me, if he had been older, I might have given him a show.  I said my good-byes and went home to go to bed.
We didn’t get out that early, we were able to say good-bye to a few more people.
The drive home was boring. Hated when we had to stop in Post Falls, Idaho to put the helmets back on.
We can’t wait to go back.   We will camp with the party tenters (higher ground) next year. I have started my collection of Agavera –did  break into it for Obama’s speech and my debut on KNDU.
 Sorry so long, LJ cut was not working for me.  Nothing new there.
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Mark has spent over 16 hours painting the small kitchen dark green.  It looks great but the stupid walls are textured so there is always something that needs touching up.  Plus more touching up once the painter's tape came down.  

Note to self: primer in color first.  

I knew that.   I cut in around the bookcases and windows/sliding doors in the living room and dining room.  Still need to do the all, some fussy stuff by the front door.  I am not being as anal with the carpet.  We know it is coming up, lay the laminate, put up trim (this house does not have baseboards).  The house was an ivory before and we are going white white in the livng room, dining room, hall and foyer.   I'll amuse my self while waiting for the new fridge to be delivered.  It will be great to have cold water and ice there while we are working on the house.

If I get my edging done, I so want to make Tuesday a stay and home and don't put a bra on day.  More likely to be a stay in bed as long as I can.  I am too old for this crap.  I don't mind fussy painting  as long as I can sit my fat ass down and just paint then.    I don't think I am going to do any trim until we get back from vacation.  

It was well over 100 today and supposed to be 105 tomorrow.  I don't know how I am going to stand the heat at Sturigs.  I told Mark we would be spending a lot to time in Wally World during this rally.  I'd just go hang in Deadwood but SD allows smoking - my lungs, eyes and head would be hurting so bad.

I think I am actually getting sleepy.  Mark said he found me asleep on the toilet last night.  He just left me there.  I don't remember that at all.

House: you can spit out my memory card.  Thanks for spitting out my missing phone, we'll switch out sims and use those in Sturgis.  If we lose them, just need to get a new sim card.
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 We are going to Sturgis.  I have purchased our non-refundable tickets to stay at the Buffalo Chip in the Fenske VIP section.  

For my  OMG how much money???!!!, we get the following: 

catered dinner every night in the same area as the entertainment.  Entertainment is on the east side, we are on the west side.  East can come to west, west can not go to east but west can look at east - if entertainment (or otherwise famous person like Rupert from Survivor, Peter Fonda) wanding around, can approach
Possibility of meet and greets with the famous folks who are playing the shows.
2 dinner tickets for the pitchfork fondue.
Unlimited beer from noon to 1:30 am.  Beer is under a roof,  as is the dining area
Pretty damn close area (in front of stage) for all shows,  Ok, I could careless about Kellie Pickler but perked up for Lynydr Skynard and ZZ Top.  Not all acts have been booked yet.
We are in a site that has power so a fan will be running in the pop-up.  I am waffling on taking the screen porch or not.  We do have a tarp that we attach to the front of the pop up to give us some shelter in case of rain
Restricted area.  Not like being out in the regular camp ground.  Safer area

There is wifi so lap top is going.  We will be making daily runs to the Safeway in Spear Canyon to replenish water/Propel supplies.  

Downside?  Too old to earn my beads the old fashioned way...


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