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I saw my foot doctor Friday, no more packing the incision, just some neosporian and a band-aid.  I graduated to wearing my trusty boot (from when the foot was broken) instead of heel walking and  damn walker.  I can drive wearing that thing - legally I probably can't but they have to catch me doing it.

We stopped by work so I could get my pay check.  Seems when you are out on "something" (they have not approved my non-FMLA leave request), they disable your badge.  Made me a bit nervous.  Then my desk had been packed up (insert panic here).  My desk was packed up because of a site-wide move.  I have a new manager now, the one who does not manage.

That all does not mean they won't deny my request and once I come back to work, let me know I won't need to come back to work.

Tonight was probably the last IV push I need.  Unless something happens and the "your foot will become more infected and fall off" doctor prescribes more.  Mark will be happy.  We will still need to push saline and heperin into the PICC line until we can get a doctor to order it taken out. 

I've just about gotten caught up on ER.  It is kinda strange to hear a drug named there that I have on my dining room table.  Good old Heperin.

Insert whine here:  I was one of 3 of us who were on the "fun committee",  We organized the pot-lucks, I took care of the good bye cards when one of us would be leaving.  I have been out of work for two weeks.  I think I was supposed to go out and buy my own get well card and sign it from everyone.  The team is dismantled now, while on paper it still exists, bodies are scattered to the wind.

Enough whining.


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