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After working all day answering phone calls from people ordering from an on-line retailer, the last thing I want to do is stare at the computer at home.

We are without leather crowd again.  Two different chapters within 4 years, we are done.  Mark had been feeling left out of the chapter in Moses Lake.  They were a tight crowd and we were included but not included.  They had a habit of everyone wearing the same shirt, usually one we did not have.  We weren't told of plans or thought of in the selection of the shirt of the day.  I felt it at Wing Ding.   We both felt it last weekend.

We had not been told ahead of time that  there was plans to take a ride and go to breakfast.  The shirt of the day?  Once again, something we did not have.  I mentioned what the shirt was and was told (by one person) that they were not going to dirty another shirt so that we could be in the same shirts as everyone else.  That was the straw the broke Mark.  I had already decided we were going to leave when I heard the "n" word flying around and no one spoke up.  I was guilty of the same thing.  We packed up that night while everyone was at dinner and left.

It was fun findng a place to stay  midway through the trip home.  Something was going on and rooms were sold out.  We found something in Moses Lake (Siloh Suites) which was next to this kick ass diner.  The food was so good and there was tons of it.  I would go back there any day.

So we are now leatherless.  We go for a ride this coming Saturday with friends of Mark.  I think we will end up in the Blue Mountains and down to Warden which has it own kick ass diner.

Work is still requiring overtime.  I work my extra day tomorrow so that they can't assign me some shitty shift.  Hire some more people.  The new ones really seem to have it together but they are only trained on one retailer and we really need them on the other retailer.  At least Harry Potter is over.

One retailer should be winding down soon - they seem to do more contacts in the summer while the original retailer gears up in October for the Christmas season.  I don't hink I remember the original retailer.

I have to stop now.  Day is crawling all over me wanting attention and she keeps sitting on my hands,   She wins.

And for some more scary news...


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