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We've been in Sturgis for the past 2 weeks.  It has not been the usual fun 2 weeks, it rained several days/nights, it was colder, the entertainment was not that exciting.

The first two days were not bad rides.  It was actually nippy in the monrning and didn't get annoyingly hot until about the last hour or so of riding.  Then came day 3.  We decided to go a little detour and go from Montana to North Dakota.  Not an hour into the trip, it began ot rain.  Riding on the back of a bike is not fun in the rain.  I put on my Frogg Toggs (rain suit) and hunkered down.  I did what i do best, put my head down and slept through that rain spell.  We lucked out until we were less than an hour from the Buffalo Chip.  It began to pour, we ended up having to get a room in Belle Fouche (which is the center of the universe).  Luckily, we got the last room at a very nice hotel.

The next day we stopped at Wally World for munchies, water, t-shirts and rode on to the Chip. It was nice to see people from last year but some friends were missing - they had decided not to do VIP and were camped out in the general area - really, these were the people I wanted to see the most.  We got set up and began the Sturgis traditions, shots and jello shots.  Later that night we took the party wagon (a  towing trailer wiith a picnic table on it for seating and did the trolling for beads.  ]

The next day brought rain and wind, rain and wind and more rain;  It was miserable and we ended up staying in the bunkhouse for the day.

One of my favorite people got in Thursday -  I didn't get to spend as much time with him as I wanted, he was one of the people staying in general camping but it was good to see Rob.  Many a shot of tequila was drank that night, Patron Platinium is wonderful and Sammy Hagar's tequila is none to shabby either.;  That was the night of my most drinking.

I was beginning to remember what iI didn't like about these people.They make Ted Nugent seem liberal.  Do not have a disenting opinion.

More later of the beginning of the rally but did want you to see what damage we got a couple of days ago.

Then came Thursday afternoon.   All hell broke loose.  You can see some of the info here:  This is the area where we stay (and I absolutely dislike the first woman interviewed, she is an attention whore in the worst way, it was not surprising she managed to get herself in the report).

We are not sure if the damage to our bunkhouse is covered under our policies.  Will find that outt when we get home.




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