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Mark has spent over 16 hours painting the small kitchen dark green.  It looks great but the stupid walls are textured so there is always something that needs touching up.  Plus more touching up once the painter's tape came down.  

Note to self: primer in color first.  

I knew that.   I cut in around the bookcases and windows/sliding doors in the living room and dining room.  Still need to do the all, some fussy stuff by the front door.  I am not being as anal with the carpet.  We know it is coming up, lay the laminate, put up trim (this house does not have baseboards).  The house was an ivory before and we are going white white in the livng room, dining room, hall and foyer.   I'll amuse my self while waiting for the new fridge to be delivered.  It will be great to have cold water and ice there while we are working on the house.

If I get my edging done, I so want to make Tuesday a stay and home and don't put a bra on day.  More likely to be a stay in bed as long as I can.  I am too old for this crap.  I don't mind fussy painting  as long as I can sit my fat ass down and just paint then.    I don't think I am going to do any trim until we get back from vacation.  

It was well over 100 today and supposed to be 105 tomorrow.  I don't know how I am going to stand the heat at Sturigs.  I told Mark we would be spending a lot to time in Wally World during this rally.  I'd just go hang in Deadwood but SD allows smoking - my lungs, eyes and head would be hurting so bad.

I think I am actually getting sleepy.  Mark said he found me asleep on the toilet last night.  He just left me there.  I don't remember that at all.

House: you can spit out my memory card.  Thanks for spitting out my missing phone, we'll switch out sims and use those in Sturgis.  If we lose them, just need to get a new sim card.


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