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I think I am finally done with my birthday this year. I had the Red Hat birthday gathering, the church group birthday lunch and I got to buy the new (to me) birthday Barina sewing machine. I got cards from Mark and the kitties. I don't think the quilt group knows so it shouldn't be an issue tomorrow.

Yesterday was our 20th anniversary. Sewing machine also covered this. I got Mark a Shiatsu massage cushion (made by HoMedics). It is wonderful, I didn't want to get out of it when I tested it at Costco. He loves it. It kneads so deep that it hurts but it is a nice hurt. Kinda like a bit of rough sex. He has always liked the anti-gravity chair but we have no place to put it (he would have to give up a recliner and I don't see that happening).

I do see that Costco has the complete Nancy Drew series (all 56 of them) for about 120.00. I used to love reading Nancy Drew and I know there are many that I missed.

I have a 6 hour quilting session tomorrow night. I hope to get the two table toppers done (or at least close to being done). I want to make the kitties new catnip quilts. I am so tired of them fighting over the one. With new ones, they will still fight over one but there will be more options. Night is the bully but Day will get her licks in every so often. There could be two toys, exactly the same. each cat is given one, Night will want control of both of them. She is such a two year old with no concept of sharing.

Time to take the handful of meds and the wonderful Ambien. Finally, I get 6 hours of straight sleep.


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