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When it rains......I had my mammo (because I found a lump) this morning, lots of calcium deposits (surprising since I hate milk) but the mass to quote the radiologists...has to come out. Consulting with bobby doctor tomorrow morning and the surgery will probably be scheduled sometime this week. I have to fit it in around untrasounds for my poor circulation and PT. Plus work wants a better update on if I will ever be better wait until they get the list of doctor reports now. At bare minimum, I need to be fitted for the prosthetics for both my feet (and learning how to walk in them), my arm healing after the surgery to remove the rod and whatever the ultrasounds show and if my mass is the big C (that is a possibility based on the radiologist). Just keeping my little marker stuck to me so boob doc can find lump - not that hard to do if I can find it.

My life, never boring.

Next update: Met with surgeon. Surgery scheduled for Friday afternoon. Ironically at the local Catholic hospital considering my schism with them. He will first do a frozen section to see if he can determine if it is cancer, if he can't then the tissue he is removing will be sent to biopsy. I have made the decision, if it is cancer, a radical mastectomy. I told him both but it seems they only do one at a time, but the doctor thinks that is the right decision. We haven't gotten to the rest of the drama if it is cancer and what I have to do next. One day at a time right now.  At least if not cancer, I go home.  If need a biopsy, I think I still get to go home and if the results are bad, go back in next week.

Upside, I can get new perky boobies in the size I want.  Doesn't every 58 year old woman want perky boobs?


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As a 43 year old woman, I'd gladly live with my boobs being saggy if it meant never hearing the C word again!


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