Mar. 22nd, 2009

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Back story - I noticed after the wedding last weekend that the top of my left foot was puffy and tender to the touch.  I honestly just thought it was from wearing big girl shoes for so long.

I had been having pain on the bottom of my foot when I pushed in the clutch.  That was from the planters wart I had aquired somewhere along the way. 

By Sunday I had sausage toes and a blister had developed under my toes, the blister looked black.  I trotted off to the docs who trotted me off to x-ray.  X-ray thought I had a bone infection so off to MRI land.  I fail at MRIs since I couldn't keep my toes perfectly still - yeah, I kept going to sleep.

Foot really hurts at this point and I gamely drive home.  The next day begins the day of battling with Ortho.  I had used this office in April when I had broken my foot.  Turns out, they had never been paid.  Affter a day of going round and round, I just gave up and paid them.  By the afternoon, I knew I did not have a bone infection but cellulitus. 

I couldn't get into see the new cellulitus doctor until Thursday.  I spent Wednesday and Thursday with my left foot up on my desk and my boss telling me I could go home.

By the time I got to the doctor, I could hardly hobble in.  He did a culture off the blister and cut the roof of the blister off.  That smarted a bit.  My new rules were if my blood sugar got out of control, more pain, more swelling, chills, fever to call and come back to the office.  By 4 am Friday morning, I knew I was not going to work - there had been quite a bit of crawling to and from the bathroom because I couldn't put any weight on my foot.  Off to the doctors I go with Mark in tow, in my jammies.

The doctor sent me to the ER for some iv antibiotics and an MRI to see if there was a pocket of infection.  6 hours in the ER and I finally got a bed. 

More later.
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