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To be much cooler weather of the Seattle area.  It is even raining this morning.

We came over to go to the Mariners game with tickets Mark got from work. and to have Mark look at  [profile] parker_wolf 's truck.  There was the possibility she needed to get her brakes replaced.  Mark looked at it, brakes are ok.  Yeah for not getting ripped off.  He figured out she does need a shock replaced and the bushings replaced.  We will come back over and take her truck to the base so Mark can use the lift.

The game was fun.  Did any of you Seattle people see us when a foul ball bounced off an empty seat 2 rows in front of us?  It was not a bad area to be sitting if you wanted a foul ball.  There were quite a few people who needed to learn baseball game manners.  You don't stand up when the inning is still going on,  causing us to miss plays.  Dude, it is only cotton candy.  You annoy the people in your row getting in or out in the middle of an inning or at the minimum, when they are having those heart to heart talks on the pitcher mound.

We will leave later this morning with a stop at North Bend.  Can't come over without a stop at Vanity Fair, new undies, jeans, and whatever else i can find.  I love Vanity Fair outlets.

So glad I had Harpers Island dvred.  I dozed off int he first hour and woke back up to see who really was responsibile.  Holy shit, I need to sit down and watch this.  Wasn't on my list of suspects.


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